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 Introducing.. Wekkerklok

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Introducing.. Wekkerklok Empty
PostSubject: Introducing.. Wekkerklok   Introducing.. Wekkerklok I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 08, 2011 11:27 am

Hello all!

Not sure what to write here so I'll just do something.

26 year old student from the Netherlands. Due to uni I can't guarantee I'm online every evening, but when I can I am. Smile Played a lot of Q3 in ye olden days. Restarted QL not too long ago.

I prefer duel, ctf and TDM, in that order. Wink Whenever I have time, I'm up for a duel.

My playstyle in CTF is defensive, either in base or in mid as support. I make the lack of aim up with thinking, and it sometimes works. Razz

Gimme a poke whenever you want to duel or want me to join in CTF/TDM/CA, if I can, I'll gladly join.

Cya ingame!
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Introducing.. Wekkerklok
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