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 Cycle messages

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PostSubject: Cycle messages   Cycle messages I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 21, 2011 10:01 am

Here's how to send multiple different messages using only one key.

Open "%AppData%\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\autoexec.cfg" and type this into it somewhere (preferably at the end).

bind [key] "vstr [namex]"
seta [namex] "vstr [name0]"
seta [name0] "say [message];set [namex] vstr [name1]"
seta [name1] "say [message];set [namex] vstr [name2]"
seta [name2] "say [message];set [namex] vstr [name0]"
Just change the things inside '[' and ']'.

For example, heres a jingle bells one which uses the 'm' key:

Just mess around with it and you can get some cool stuff.
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Cycle messages
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